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Nå ut till
dina kunder

Hur kan en snygg e-postdesign ge


Om du vill nå ut till dina kunder via e-post hjälper vi dig att designa det perfekta första e-postmeddelandet som verkligen slå till och fångar kundarnas uppmärksamhet.

Om du har inspirerats av designen på den här sidan, klicka för att kontakta oss så snart när du är redo. Vi finns tillgängliga för att prata måndag till fredag, så ring eller maila för en pratstund.


Assuming your contact list is loaded and ready to roll, we can help you design the first all important email to boast about your brand. One important thing to remember is immediately decide the purpose of your email, and mention that purpose in the subject line. Avoid too much secrecy, but feel free to tease. You want people to open the email.  The email design should be high impact. Logo at the top with an irresistable headline and image to draw them in. 

We have years of experience in designing successful emails that get good click results so if you contact us now, we can point you in the right direction and generate great greetings that will make you proud of your business.

Successful email
designs for…


Successful email campaigns for restaurants are important around launch time, Christmas party season and summer time. We’ve also had fantastic experience with restaurant events that need specific email campaigns to bring in the right customers for wine tastings, music performances or exciting menu changes…


Exciting email campaigns get important news to customers as the event date approaches and it boosts the event buzz. Large events require spreading information quickly because details can change drastically and quickly, so at Switch we’ll get you started at a good pace, and keep things moving onwards and upwards…


Successful conferences usually have email complexities that require multiple email lists to keep track of. We are used to managing complicated email lists with relevant filters to make sure we always deliver beautiful designs to the right inbox exactly when it counts. 

Sports Centers

We’ve successfully designed and built email templates for sports centers over the years. This is an area where high impact, high energy inspiring design is always a priority. We can get you started with a cool template you’ll be able to adapt to each sport or sporting event. 


The hugely exciting Swedish boating season has an enormous buzz during spring as boat lovers build up to a sunny summer at sea. We appreciate this window of opportunity isn’t so big, so we’re quick to jump on that buzz and get perfectly timed beautiful emails into the right inboxes, so your brand will sail to the top when it counts. 

Spa & Salon

We’ve successfully built email campaigns for spas and salons over the years. If you would like a designer email template or campaign, with a fresh layout, cool design and exciting features please contact us on using the button below.


At Switch Designs we always make

Cool Design Layouts for Web & Email

If you’re looking to reach out to your customers via email, we’ll help you design the perfect first email to invite your guests in. It might be an invitation to show off your new web page, a friendly seasonal greeting or an invitation to your event. If you’ve been inspired by the designs on this page, then click to contact us as soon as you’re ready so we can design something for you. We are available to talk Monday to Friday, so please call, sms or email for a chat.